3 Step S/S Retractable Under Platform Ladder


A range of telescopic stainless steel boarding ladders in 2 different styles with 2 or 3 steps available in each style. Compact and efficient telescopic design. Stainless Steel steps have moulded black vinyl tread to facilitate easy boarding. The stainless steel tube diameter is 32 / 25mm diameter fro 2 step and 32/25/19 diameter for 3 step.

Retractable Under Platform Ladder
Mounts permanently under platform or recess. Ladder closes to only 400mm length and slides back into bracket for permanent under platform mounting.

RWB 265 2 Step 300mm wide 350mm to 640mm length fixing slide length : 300mm Height 67mm
RWB266 3 Step 300mm wide 365mm to 890mm length fixing slide length : 300mm Height : 67mm

Additional Info: 

Delivery approximately 3 days 

All these telescopic ladders are NOT to be used out of water on dry land,  They are designed for in water use only.  Read the safety instructions printed on label on the ladder.